Address Clayhanger Lane, Walsall,   (Click for Google map)
Minister Rev. Jeremy Hawkins
Contact Details 01922 475083 or use our Contact Form
Services Evening Service 6.00 pm to 7. Special Services and Festivals – Times as advertised
Activities Good Companions Ladies Group Meets every fortnight on a Monday at 7. 15 pm. Over 60’s Club Meets Wednesdays at 12 noon Team Spirit” events are run by our fundraising group, with an ongoing program to raise funds for the improvement of our premises.  Entertainment evenings, coffee mornings, sponsored events and social gatherings are held throughout the year and advertised in the Church Newsletter and Circuit Magazine.Our modern church hall is regularly used for community groups and social events.  It has kitchen facilities, disabled access, toilet facilities and parking.  No alcohol is allowed on these premises.  For bookings telephone  Mrsd Syockhall on 01543 379153   

Message from ‘Team Spirit’

Spring is the season is to open fling open the windows, get rid of the cobwebs, and attempt to de-clutter by disposing of stuff we no longer need.

We look forward to longer days, brighter weather, and new possibilities.

As a church we are urged to do the same thing:

Open the widows of our hearts and minds, get rid of the cobwebs of distant memories

And begin to glimpse a vision of possibilities for the future.

The message of Easter gives us all the opportunity of new life and a new beginning in Christ

Easter was not just for the few; but for all

May we know the deep 9inner assurance that whatever life brings, whatever we face, however things are seen

Christ’s will shall be done and His Kingdom come

We have received the good news, may we learn how tro share it.


Further information     

Holy Week 2019

Holy Week is  a special time of year to us all, and at Clayhanger we celebrate each day of the week, from Monday 15th April until and including Saturday 20th We hold a short informal time of meditation on the events leading to the death and resurrection of Jesus. With refreshments to follow.

Sunday Our Easter Sunday service at 6 pm will be a very special two fold service, for it will be lead by the Reverend Slingo who is leaving our circuit for pastures new, and this will be his final service here at Clayhanger.    


Future events  

Sunday 7th April Ladies Day Anniversary

We are having a special service at 4. 00 pm led by Mrs Sue Hoddinott with refreshments to follow

Spring Plant Sale Saturday 18th May so pleaseb start potting your plants  for the sale in pots or trays and if you can donate any garden themed raffle prizes 

But do come for those bedding plants, House plants, Shrubs or vegetable plants. Enjoy our Garden Competition and quiz please call 01543 454604  

June 30th at 5 pm we share in a Strawberry tea. 

Come and enjoy a summer afternoon tea with good company and entertainment tickets £5 on sale soon call Cynthia on 07518 043799 or May 01543 379153


We must say goodbye’ to the Rev Graham  Slingo and his wife Meg at the end of April Graham has been our minister since 2016 and is held in great regard and affection by the folks at Clayhanger. We pray for God’s blessing on both Graham and Meg as they move to their new appointments in Frome and Cheddar. Please note there will be no service at Clayhanger that say.


The Circuit Farewell Service wqill be held on 27th April 4pm at Portobello

Pastoral care for Clayhanger will be provided from May 1st – August 31st  by The Rev Liz Dunning at 01922 445802 and after by the Rev Jem Hawkins  

Team Spirit Coffee Mornings

Saturday 27th April at 10 am – 12 noon

Saturday 8th June from 10 am – 12 noon

At Pat and Carol’s 53 Clayhanger Lane

Come relax in good company and enjoy a drink with raffles.

A Serenity Prayer

God grant me the Serenity To accept the things that I cannot change. Courage to change the things that I can. And wisdom to know the difference


Reinhold Niebuhr 

Envelope Scheme

Why not help to keep your chapel open by joining the Envelope scheme? Quite simply, by putting your Sunday collection in an envelope each week (whether you can attend or not) and bringing them when able to attend, will help to meet weekly costs of running the church.

Everyone can be part of the Envelope Scheme!

If you feel that you can help this way please let Carol Hewlitt know on 01543 454604 to order a set of Envelopes.

Please note Our Church hall is available for hire for Children’s parties group meetings etc it has disabled access and kitchen facilities for availability hire charges or bookings Phone May Stockall 01543 379153 


Once again we are reminded just how grateful we are to friends who help with this fundraising and ‘Team Spirit’ Collecting boxes

  We look forward to seeing you at our future “Team Spirit” events and at our Services.

You can be sure of a warm welcome at Clayhanger.